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They don’t want me to get my hands dirty, dickhead

(Verse 1) [Mic Righteous]

So why do you wanna run your mouth?
When we’re the ones that run this town
Why do you wanna go and say a stupid thing like that?
Gone and upset my Man…

My man, ain’t all there, my man loves a good tear
My man, he ate all theirs, my man, blood you look scared
My man, has got my back, my man, has gone quite mad
Why do you wanna go and say a stupid thing like that?

Aw-naw, you could never end my plans
Unless you bring death to lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Mic Righteous – My Man Lyrics download mp3 the chords Mic Righteous – My Man Lyrics lyrics best I am
The R, The I, The G, The H, The T
The E, The O, The U, The S, when I rap
It’s best you write that I’ll bend you right back
I’ll slap off your ‘NY’ cap
You can’t do that! Yes I can!
Take one breath you will upset my man
You’ll be like, I ain’t seen madness
I ain’t seen nobody get like that
You can’t drive at night with your headlights smashed
I’ll pop your back window then I dash
You can’t say if you wanna play ball, play ball fair
‘Cos you know my man ain’t all there
If I’m in a brawl and there ain’t no tool
Then it’s table or chair.!!
Fags, they get aired, somebody tell my man I don’t care
Seen him in the gym, try’n’a push thirty keys
Having a right old mare! Oh Yeah!
Don’t try and ramp me!
Your from my ends and you know my family
I’ve got five brothers that you don’t wanna fuck with
So if you run lip don’t think that they cord kord chord Mic Righteous – My Man Lyrics kunci gitar won’t try and back me
Oh, I’m some Paki? Fuck with a brother
Oh no might stab me, I’m like, do you know my Stanley
My man said ‘Merked Up’ was a has-been
Like… Middleweight Champion has-been
Welterweight Champion has-been
You chat breeze, you’re just hating
Come to my yard, we’ll see what you say then
You won’t say shit you little fake prick
Tie Man up and I’ll leave him in a basement