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“What else have you got? Show it all!
(This trick is my basic, my blows will be accurate)
Your stance is firm, your jump is powerful
That’s really excellent! {*kung-fu fighting*}”

{“Sound without Focus… is just noise.”} {“Homage to RZA”}

“For someone who’s a Shaolin monk, your kung-fu is really lousy!”

{*theFEW chants “Wu… Tang…” in the background}

“You don’t have any power, let me teach you how to use it”

theFEW get it crackin, I’m just a fraction
Kinda like a warning sign to let you know what’s happenin
Sick of this generation’s definition of rapping
Tryin to bring it back in, we ain’t got no leaders anymore
All these niggaz out there followin the pack and
Niggaz actin funny style, I ain’t one for laughin
Hate the way the music industry is with a passion
We hear about Katt Stacks and not cats stackin
I’m Mick Jagg’n, I gets no +Satisfaction+
When is he gonna change up? I’m really tired of askin
Rappers, they ain’t hungry no more, they straight fastin
Niggaz, they don’t want it no more, they ain’t lastin
These people actin so immature, they finally get in the door
Barter their soul like a whore and just cash in
They need to stay in the lab and straight practice
Rappers payin dues like these actors be payin taxes

[Chorus: Blue Raspberry]
Hip-hop, gimme gimme that hip-hop
Gimme gimme that hip-hop
Gimme gimme that hip-hop, it ain’t goin nowhere
Hip-hop, gimme gimme that hip-hop
Gimme gimme that hip-hop
Gimme gimme…

[Al Gator]
Yo, my poisonous paragraphs smash ya phony rappers in half
Shit is Al Gator, I stay on the warpath
First class, classical verses amassed
Lyrical murderer, passin on the history young’ns ain’t heard of
These niggaz kiddy like child in a walker
Hah, all you wack rappers before me, I fought ya
Rappin on until the point it’s no lung or heart for
any nigga without skill to come lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Focus... - Homage To Rza lyrics download mp3 in and offer
They bullshit to the radio, damn where the ratings go?
I’m waitin for some REAL productions, what you niggaz waitin for?
I make a promise if err’y beat ain’t a swag track
then I would GLADLY smash with real shit and bring rap back
Teh, yeah I said it, my thug-related style attract millions
These rappers fake, so they wouldn’t get it
Street nigga hustlin and we did some mils’
So I CRUSH the amateurs who scream they keep it real – Wu!


(The W~!)

Aiyyo I’m amazing, this I’m designed for
Boy can rhyme off, any beat in the competition they signed off
A womanizer, swift come up they always come around
Though money over all of them, always I keep them lined up
Ya time’s up, verbal tarantula in the C, y’all
Cause he are, killin ’em, sendin ’em up in sea, god
The Los Angeles heat seekin out in Reeboks
But he got talent, fill up arenas, the boy amazing
BMW is Caucasian, and Hollygrove must be laced in ’em
cause all that he spit is cajun
Tabasco coal ?triasco? is rappers faced with
Rapid fire designed to run to your safe, kid
Can’t ignore it, when I’m around it’s always global warming
This subgame’s INSANE known from a noted woman
I’m coming, here’s a warning dummy, your day’s done
Ain’t playin, stay on the block the Killa Beez came from


“I’m here, too, by you – remember?
And I just can’t walk away and leave you to all this

“I’ve been waiting a very long time for this!
Alright, you can try my technique too!”

Yo, this the homage like a billion point three to Muhammad
Wu-Tang comets fallin down, splittin ya harness
Now follow… the game’s dirty tricks
Slap for the mink, we +Enter the 36 Chambers+
Famous Focus… meets Rakeem the +Razor+
+Sharp+ copies, not the VCDs’, Hakeem
from the block’s sellin us, like they DVDs
Born original, leadin the swarm of Killa Bees
I cord kord chord Focus... - Homage To Rza lyrics kunci gitar studied under the RZA +Chessboxin+ GZA
But it won’t compare to building with the +Killahs+
Ghostface and Noodles rockin the stage with Mef
Doin the bomb atomic-ly versed by INS
I remember, Raekwon the Chef in Poland
Tryin to break down my door, he knows what it was for
His physical scourgin the lobby for cheap whores
It would’ve been NOTHIN if it wasn’t for Dirt and Bobby
I chords Focus... - Homage To Rza lyrics lyrics probably… be into something violent
But luckily I found my ways into Shaolin
Plus I BEEN whylin… yeah!

Focus… Cilvaringz
Official original, Wu-Tang Killa Beez
Salute the motherfuckin Abbot
Spittin, knowledge of the stone tablets
Hehe, it’s pure medicine son
Pay homage…

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